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Live ‘Anbalaba’, in the wild South…


The truly authentic setting of the fishing village of ‘Baie du Cap’, with its sky blue expanse reaching towards the horizon and its back-drop of tropical vegetation is the incarnation of simplicity.

Halfway between Le Morne and Bel Ombre, on the hill of Baie du Cap, is nestled in an exclusive real-estate project which includes a number of amenities.   
With its 15.4 hectares, brought to life by various shops and restaurants and featuring spaces for relaxing, meeting and sharing with others, Anbalaba-village promises a gentle way of life. The first villa was delivered in May!

In addition to its natural beauty, this project is deeply connected to the community of Baie du Cap. In parallel to the particular importance given to the preservation of species endemic to the island, as demonstrated by its tropical nursery, Anbalaba works with the organisation ‘Développement, rassemblement, information & prévention’ (DRIP).   
DRIP is working to put in place a community platform and to support local villagers in their personal growth, whilst promoting local talent.

Magnificent eco-villas

Accessible to Mauritians and foreigners alike, the first phase of this real-estate development is composed of five environmentally-friendly villas named ‘Pomelo’. With their contemporary architecture, these three-bedroom villas, of 246m2 with ensuite bathrooms, are each nestled at the heart of their own tropical garden which includes a pool. Their indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to encourage the flourishing of family life in a setting which is as convivial as it is comfortable.

These villas have been built with a deep respect for their natural surroundings and in accordance with Anbalaba’s ecological and eco-energy values. Amongst the key initiatives is the installation of a living roof. This provides the villa with insulation both in terms of sound and temperature. It also improves the air quality as well as helping to manage the rainwater. Another initiative is the preservation of local biodiversity in the project’s nursery.

In order to escape on a daily basis into a perfectly preserved paradise, head to the South, it’s at ‘Anbalaba’ that it’s happening!