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Like a pleasant getaway, Aparté is an invitation to be curious. A parenthesis that we gladly allow ourselves to immerse ourselves in stories, in order to better understand the world around us, its trends and what it is shaping up for our future.

is ...

A creative magazine that expresses itself through its words, and through its style. It can be leafed through or read in depth, according to one's mood, and inspires as much as it instructs.

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Inspirational magazine that offers
ideas and concrete ways to push us to act.

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A curious magazine, thought of as a patchwork of stories, projects, reflections and talents. It deciphers the world around us to encourage us to reflect.

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A sparkling magazine that finally invites
us to escape and let our imaginations run wild.

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Far from being just another magazine, Aparté is a medium whose desire is to create a real difference.

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