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Save the mangroves!


Is a mobile application that works to protect the environment a pipe dream? No. In fact, it's now a reality with Mangrove Matter!

Developed by Reef Conservation, with financial support from MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd), AfrAsia and WCS (World Conservation Society), this innovative application aims to preserve and rehabilitate mangrove forests. 


Mangrove Aparté Inside

Putting your hands to work  


Reef Conservation has created this project as part of its SOS Mangrove programme, enabling individuals to make an active contribution to mangrove restoration. Using participatory science, this application allows the public to get involved and provide valuable data that will contribute to scientific research and inform conservation efforts. 


" Given the vulnerability of these unique coastal ecosystems to human activities, Reef Conservation's citizen engagement approach offers an effective means of raising awareness and encouraging public participation," says Kazuhiko Sugano, Managing Director of MOL (Mauritius) Ltd.  

A great success 

After unveiling this fascinating initiative, which is sure to raise public awareness of the vital importance of preserving mangroves, the Reef Conservation team immediately embarked on a series of evaluations at various sites around the island to measure the impact of the application.   


About 60 volunteers warmly responded to the call, enthusiastically joining the excursions into the heart of the mangrove forests, demonstrating their active commitment to protecting these invaluable ecosystems. Application users have unanimously praised the tool for being educational, interactive and fun... Some have even pledged to recommend it to their peers and take part in field trials. 


You too can help protect mangroves by downloading the application from Google Play Store!