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47 initiatives, 1 goal: a greener future


In line with its unwavering commitment to embrace eco-responsible values and meeting environmental and societal challenges, the sustainable September initiative by the Constance group promotes a responsible hotel industry through meticulously crafted, eco-friendly, and sustainable hospitality solutions and services.

Constance Sustainable September 2

Sustainable September which was introduced in 2020 was held on 15 September. It includes at least 47 initiatives, various solutions and strategies giving an ecological dimension at virtually every level of the Constance Group's operations.

All the hotels of the group are committed to environmentally friendly activities for a month, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. This initiative is part of the World Clean Up Day celebrations.

Constance Sustainable September 1

To this end, the group's hotels in Mauritius and those in the Indian Ocean organised a series of activities during the month of September, covering a wide range of themes like health, the environment, society, art, music, biodiversity, animal protection, cuisine, etc.

Constance Sustainable September 3

True by Nature

"We wanted to go beyond a simple clean-up day on 15 September. In keeping with our 'True by Nature' motto, we have aimed to mark the occasion by creating a series of activities to significantly demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Sustainable tourism has grown to a large measure in recent years. Guests are paying more attention to their environmental impact and they opt for holidays having a low carbon footprint," says Djaved Fareed, Corporate Sustainability Manager at Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf.

Constance Sustainable September 4

With its thorough commitment to preserving biodiversity, the group is a proud holder of the prestigious Green Globe certification Gold Members.