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Quintessential Creole-chic


Whether you are a tourist or a Mauritian, indulge in the luxury of an immersive getaway in the heart of one of the island's most beautiful bays, a haven where insular flair blends harmoniously with modern elegance. You can enjoy this unique experience at Veranda Grand Baie!  

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With its unique character, this quintessential Mauritian gem of a hotel has been redesigned and refurbished to emphasise the 'Créole-chic' culture and lifestyle through its new mantra Feel Mauritius, Feel Mauritian.  

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Since being upgraded to a four-star establishment, the hotel has been welcoming guests back since July 2023, in a warm, local atmosphere. The official opening took place on the 7th of September 2023. 

Since its creation in the early 1980s, Veranda Grand Baie, one of the pioneers of the Mauritian boutique hotel industry, has established itself as a peaceful hideaway in the heart of a vibrant village in the north coast of Mauritius, appealing to travellers from all over the world.   

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Charm and genuine care  

With its 95 rooms all decorated with wallpaper by the talented French leader, Les Dominotiers, the hotel has reinvented itself with a new identity celebrating life in the tropics. The hotel combines the typical ambience of island guesthouses and their tropical gardens with a touch of refinement, inviting guests to rediscover the charm and intimacy of times gone by. 

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"The renovation of Veranda Grand Baie reflects the trust we have in the future of Mauritian tourism. Our offer will enable our visitors to discover our destination in a different way, with the unique approach and vision of Veranda Resorts. As the leader in the Mauritius boutique hotel sector, the hotel has always been able to combine authenticity, comfort and warm hospitality," says Thierry Montocchio, CEO of Rogers Hospitality. 

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Vincent Cavalot - COO de Veranda Resorts, Thierry Montocchio - CEO du groupe Rogers Hospitality, Louis Steven Obeegadoo - Le Premier ministre adjoint et Ministre du Tourisme, Axelle Mazery - Chief Marketing & Communication Officer du groupe Rogers Hospitality, Donald Payen, Chairperson du MTPA

In addition, Veranda Grand Baie is actively involved in sustainable initiatives by encouraging the use of fewer in-room towels, limiting the use of single-use paper and plastic, and using eco-friendly cosmetics.