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Being Eco-Conscious? It's Easier Than You Think!


Taking steps to reduce your environmental impact is what being eco-conscious is all about. It may seem complicated, yet there are several ways to achieve this without drastically changing your lifestyle. Because every small action matters. Here are some examples.

#1. Sorting and Recycling Your Waste 

This involves separating plastic, paper and cardboard, glass, electrical and electronic appliances, and then depositing them in recycling bins often located near places you regularly visit. Easy, right?

#2. Conserving Water 

You do not need to leave the water running while brushing your teeth or taking a shower. When watering your plants, why not use collected rainwater whenever possible?

#3.  Reducing Energy Consumption 

Adjusting your air conditioning, turning off the lights and electrical sockets, avoiding leaving your phone charging all night, replacing conventional bulbs with LED lamps... Oh! And regularly sorting and deleting your email inbox. Did you know that sending an email with an attachment can emit up to 19 g of CO2?

#4. Selling or Donating, Instead of Throwing Away 

Beyond helping citizens in need, we avoid contributing to more waste (which could be reused) to our already saturated waste centres. There are many associations to which we can donate our no longer needed clothes, objects, games, or appliances, and specialised shops in the sale of second-hand goods.

Inside Aparte Eco-citoyen 

#5. Limiting Fast-Fashion by Shopping Local

Being fashionable, yes... But behind the pieces of major international brands often lie significant ecological consequences. So, let's think local: our island is full of talent! Just visit the 100% Made in Moris stores to discover the wonders of our artisans and support our local economy.

#6. Opting for Durable Everyday Objects

When shopping, let's opt for reusable bags. And to avoid using plastic water bottles, we can choose a good thermos bottle, which also provides the satisfaction of having cold water throughout the day.

#7.  Encouraging Carpooling and Soft Mobility

How many of us take the car to go to the same place, even though we live in the same neighbourhood? Who prefers to drive rather than walk a bit? Besides getting exercise or socialising on the road, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. And if we drive more smoothly, we can save up to 40% of fuel while reducing air pollution!

#8. Participating in Beach Clean-ups 

Our beaches are one of the most beautiful resources on our island. However, when we see the condition of public beaches after each weekend, doubts arise. To restore their natural beauty and prevent marine animals from being affected by our (bad) habits, we can partake in beach clean-ups or simply pick up the waste we come across.

Becoming eco-conscious requires, above all, a bit of goodwill. Regardless, we must not be influenced by fatalists who will say that "it's pointless". Every gesture counts, even the most insignificant ones!