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The team you can trust with every detail


A team comprises a group of people with a well-balanced skill set, performing interdependent tasks in order to achieve a common goal – and proudly combining personal experience and professional expertise with strong connections to a network of well-established partners. This lies at the essence of what the team at Diane Watkins – Property Consult does.

Having lived and worked abroad, and now established in Mauritius, each member of this multi-national team is uniquely placed to appreciate the challenges of settling in a new country, and/or buying, renting, or selling property in Mauritius. Whether you are planning to start a new life here, are looking for a new home, have a property to sell or are simply interested in investing in the island’s real estate, their goal is to ensure that you navigate the process as smoothly as possible. Dedicating time to getting to know you, listening to your needs with care and empathy, and consulting you on the marketing of your property, Diane Watkins – Property Consult can be trusted to guide you honestly towards informed choices and decisions.


Whatever the nature of your relationship with the property market, the process involves so much more than simply the property. With a focus on providing real, transparent service based on industry know-how and relationships, you can rely on this boutique agency’s knowledge of market trends and legal developments, and benefit from their close contact with important market related organisations. Their access to reputable financial institutions and corporate management firms, and their association with interior designers, relocation firms, and relevant contractors and suppliers, adds further, valuable sources of professional advice and expertise. Without this network of well-recognised partners, their team would be incomplete. They also consider their clients as pivotal members of the team.  


Partnerships that make the difference

Epitomising the value of partnerships, and with the shared ethos of providing a professional, personalised service, Diane Watkins – Property Consult has collaborated with interior designer, Euphoria Home Styling, in offering a home staging service to clients preparing their properties for sale. In an increasingly competitive market, the imaginative presentation of your home is essential to ensure that it creates a lasting first impression on potential buyers. Distinguishing your property above others ultimately improves the chances of achieving its sale, and with their expert knowledge of interior design, you can trust Virginie Dalais and The Design Bar team at Euphoria to creatively guide you on enhancing relevant features of your property so that its appeal is maximised.

Relationships are everything
For the last 3 years, we have worked with Diane Watkins – Property Consult on the marketing of our properties on the West Coast, and throughout this period have benefitted from their professionalism, refreshing approach, and the genuine efforts they make in their clients’ best interests. Their attention to detail has ensured that our properties are effectively show-cased across multiple channels, and their strategic partnerships have contributed significantly to many successful tenancies and sales of our properties.” – Jean-Claude and Monique Hoareau 

Text Glynis Bristow 
Photos Eric Lee