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Talk Series: Let's talk about it


Promoting positive initiatives, coming up with innovative solutions, inspiring today's companies to reinvent tomorrow's world: this sums up, in a few words, the ambition of the Attitude Group’s Talk Series. Discover more.

The only hotel group to carry the Made In Moris label, Attitude is positioned as a caring, responsible, and proudly Mauritian brand. Showcasing local artisans, inviting guests to discover the country, promoting environmentally friendly practices; the group is committed to having a positive impact, contributing to making Mauritius sustainable.

Inside Aparte Attitude Talk Series
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In this spirit, the Talk Series was launched in December 2021. The objective of the first event: to discuss ways in which the hospitality industry could support the local economy while at the same time highlighting its talents. The success of the first series led the group to create a new Talk Series, covering themes as diverse as they are exciting.

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Round table discussions are held, with leading figures sharing their ideas and debating the issues that are pushing the needle. Starting in April 2023, Talk Series also began a series of podcasts aimed at anyone who is interested in the issues of our time and wishes to get involved in the development of our society!

Attitude's Talk Series include topics such as...

  • The transition to sustainable and inclusive tourism (Dec 21)

Produced in collaboration with Made In Moris, representatives of AHRIM and MTPA, and entrepreneurs, this meeting focused on initiatives to promote responsible, inclusive, and authentic tourism.

  • Women's leadership and its role in creating a more inclusive society (Mar 22)

Having created an Equality Committee within the group, Attitude wanted to reflect further on parity and female leadership, in a world where women are still under-represented in positions of power.

  • Rethinking the post-Covid world of work (Sep 22)

Recruitment professionals and tourism industry stakeholders discussed the challenges of the world of work 
post-Covid and explored possible solutions for revitalising the employment sector in Mauritius.

  • Ethical and committed brands (Feb 23)

Three French female entrepreneurs were invited to meet with their Mauritian counterparts to discuss ethical and responsible entrepreneurship and new consumer expectations.

  • Promoting the role of the cultural scene (Jun 23)

Spotlight on the local creative and cultural industry: participants will focus on the dissemination of culture, its place in Mauritian homes, and the status of the artist.