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Silent retreat: space for yourself


Ever longed for a break from the rest of the world, from the noise, the stress and the hustle and bustle? To set aside your family or professional life for a while? To take a moment to better connect with yourself and (re)discover the stillness in you? Perhaps a silent retreat is exactly what you need.

Goal: Exit the rat race

One thing is for sure: life is increasingly fast-paced. With all the pressure we face (social, technological, professional, family, financial, etc.), finding moments of tranquillity is increasingly challenging. No wonder so many people are experiencing burnout, emotional exhaustion or psychological distress! One possible solution? Get out of the rat race for a while, and take a silent retreat to reconnect with what is most important: yourself.

Silent retreats have long existed - in more monastic forms - but are now gaining in popularity around the world. Previously associated with a strong religious connection (Catholics, Buddhists, etc.), these spiritual retreats have now become more widespread.

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Perfect opportunity to recharge

The emphasis in silent retreats is on meditation, which is usually done in a quiet place, free from the busyness of the outside world, and is usually focused on static meditation - even if it can at times be dynamic. Meditating in silence is the best way to listen to ourselves, allowing for introspection.

Besides meditation, many retreats also feature other quiet activities - such as nature walks, breathing exercises, yoga or dance sessions, spiritual teachings, etc. Personal rest time is also scheduled. Useful information: to enable a better disconnection - and a real break! -our everyday distractions are not permitted. No mobile phones, tablets, novels, etc. 

The result? Well, beyond the feeling of being "cleansed from within", these moments of calm and meditation can bring to light new strengths in ourselves, and ways of calming our restless minds. Silence helps us to better observe our emotions, to calm the incessant flow of our thoughts, and finally, to find inner peace.

While it is unrealistic to expect such a retreat to solve all our problems, you can count on one thing: this time away from everything - screens, children, bosses, clients, parents... - can be helpful in gaining clarity and peace of mind, in recharging our batteries, and in better appreciating the moment (including those times when we feel lonely or have nothing to do). Sounds like a good idea?

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What about Mauritius?

The most popular silent retreats on the island are the 10-day   Vipassana  retreats, one of the oldest meditation techniques in India, recommended for those who are not afraid of pure meditation, given that it involves more than 10 hours of meditation a day!

Since 2022, Frédérick Hardy and Alexia Leclézio have also organised Hridaya  retreats on the island (one per year - duration varies), combining meditation techniques, teachings, rest periods and meditative yoga. "The purpose of this project is to create a supportive space for the heart to thrive in Mauritius," says Frédérick Hardy. Giving ourselves a moment of silence to appreciate the power of our inner world and discover our spiritual heart is a real blessing, enabling us to reclaim our place and express ourselves once again.