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Let’s meet at EDITH!


Bringing culture to life: that is EDITH’s challenge. This historic but lively venue in the heart of Port-Louis is taking its first step in this great adventure through a new approach. 
La Galerie du Génie is a place full of surprises, violin chords and laughter. On 31 March, La Galerie du Génie hosted a festive inauguration celebrating creativity. The EDITION exhibition brought together a selection of talented contemporary artists and invited guests. An opportunity to introduce EDITH to the world. But first, let’s go back in time.

2019. The new must-see address in the heart of Port Louis? 246 Edith Cavell Court. These historic buildings, which date back to the 18th century, have been refurbished to pay tribute to their heritage with a contemporary touch. It is now home to an office park, a huge gallery, a select range of shops and restaurants with an appealing culinary twist. All in all, a pleasant atmosphere to stroll around and discover… but more importantly, to spend some unforgettable moments.

It is obviously a success. This characterful address with its unique atmosphere has everything to please. Everything? Not according to Lavastone Properties, its director. They have a much bigger vision: to make this place a reference for events and culture in Mauritius.

Welcome back in 2022. A new vision emerges: 246 Edith Cavell Court becomes EDITH. A short, dynamic name, conveying bright ideas and promises. A name reflecting the venue’s rich history. EDITH’s aim is to promote the local art scene and become the capital’s cultural meeting centre, offering a collaborative and community-based dimension. Exhibitions, conferences, concerts, culinary festivals… Ideas abound.

There is no doubt about it: EDITION, EDITH’s very first event, has made its mark. So, we look forward to the next one!  

A historical DNA  
The building that now houses La Galerie du Génie dates from the 18th century and housed the Hôtel du Génie when it was built. Constructed under the Royal Government, which had succeeded the Compagnie des Indes, it was home to the island’s map and plan collection.