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Treasures of the ocean, paired with the charisma of Mauritius


Sculptural silhouettes and oceanic motifs are the inspiration for these unique pieces of jewellery, gracefully infusing an authentic and aesthetic aura to its wearer… Immerse into the world of Oceano Pearls and the beautiful handcrafted creations of its founder, Harriet Batchelor.  


Launched in 2015, Océano Pearls is a highly respected brand in Mauritius and beyond. Its designer and founder, Harriet Batchelor, creates timeless and unique jewels that appeal to all ages, cultures and backgrounds, thanks to her extensive expertise in the world of art.   

Harriet spent her childhood in Mauritius, where she fell in love with the ocean.  She lived abroad for many years, studying art in France and Italy. While restoring works of art in the Vatican, she grew a passion for jewellery thanks to a friend, who taught her the basic techniques of soldering and wax modelling.   

Through her creations, Harriet Batchelor echoes the treasures of the ocean whilst applying her talents and expertise as a sculptor. She draws inspiration from the universe of the deep blue waters, and so much more…  


“My jewellery tells my story. I was inspired by every stage of my life to shape my brand: from my origins and memories, to the wonderful pieces of fine jewellery I had the opportunity to admire during my travels and explorations, to love, to the connection I feel every time I scuba dive,” Harriet says.   

While Océano Pearls has recently been certified Made in Moris, the brand is set to uphold the values of local craftsmanship more than ever.   

“All our pieces are handcrafted with care  in our workshop in the south, in Rivière-des-Anguilles – my childhood home. To furthermore reflect this Mauritian identity, each piece of jewellery bears the name of a village or a place on the island,” says the designer.  


Find these stunning creations at the Océano Pearls outlets at Sunset Boulevard in Grand Bay and at Ruisseau Créole in Black River.   

Ruisseau Créole 
Black River, Mauritius 
T: +230 5500 2702 
Sunset Boulevard 
Grand Bay, Mauritius 
T: +230 5509 88 36