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“For 40 years, we have been committed to doing our job according to our values.”


The most beautiful stories are written over time, and the story of Villa Vie Real Estate Agency is no exception! This year, the agency celebrates its 40th anniversary, with an energy that is matched only by its determination. Meet agency director Sophie Hardy.

The Mauritian real estate market has evolved over the years. What is the secret to keeping an agency in business long-term?

Knowing how to adapt and reinvent yourself, of course,” Sophie reveals, with a smile. The Villa Vie Estate Agency has mastered the skill of doing just that. “We’ve been in the market for 40 years and have no plans to stop!”

The agency takes the opportunity of its 40th anniversary to convey a powerful message: “With pride, we wanted to reiterate our principles, values, and vision of real estate.” Villa Vie has undergone a complete rebranding, including the launch of its new website. The fresh and distinctive identity that has emerged underlines the agency’s premium positioning as well as its integrity. It is opening a new chapter in its history, while remaining faithful to the foundations of its excellent reputation.

Much more than just a real estate agency, since its beginning, Villa Vie has established itself as a trusted partner. One person’s dream home is not necessarily another’s, so this boutique agency combines expertise and teamwork to provide the best possible support for its clients. It’s a recipe with proven results: “There is a friendly and caring atmosphere at Villa Vie. Every day, we learn a lot from each other because the team is made up of people with complimentary abilities. That is what makes us impactful,” the agency’s director states.

Today, Villa Vie remains faithful to the principles and passion for the profession that have driven it since day one. “We feel that bringing a project to fulfilment necessitates our undivided attention and energy,” Sophie clarifies. “This is why we prioritise listening to our clients, and quality over quantity.

Live your Mauritian dream with Villa Vie!