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A beautiful musical journey


Last April, the music world was in full swing to the rhythm of a unique event: the JessKa launch show.

This exclusive event brought together top musicians and special guests to celebrate the dawn of a new era in the career of this extraordinary artist. On stage, JessKa embodied the metamorphosis of her artistic life, delivering a performance that combined haunting melodies with magnetic stage presence.

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From gospel to the international stage

JessKa began to build her musical career at an early age, influenced by the gospel hymns that resonated in her local church. This early passion for music was expressed in her own lyrics and melodies, forging her artistic identity from that moment on. Her first steps into the world of music saw her imitate and absorb the art of her favourite singers, transforming her childhood influences into a unique and recognisable style. With time, JessKa has evolved into a storyteller of life, using her music to explore and discuss deep themes such as family, self-love and self-discovery.

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An artist at the heart of creativity

JessKa's journey has been driven by a relentless quest for authenticity and artistic renewal. She doesn't just entertain, she provokes, questions and comforts. Her powerful, emotional voice carries lyrics that touch the soul, while every note she plays is a colourful twist on the grander picture of her life. JessKa embodies passion and determination, reflected in her melodies that blend blues and soul with natural ease.

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In July 2023, with the release of her single "Where R U Now" and the "Unchained" video, JessKa not only captivated but also expanded her audience, proving her ability to touch hearts across genres and borders. Her event in April 2024 consolidated her status as a must-see artist, ready to take her listeners on a musical adventure where every performance is an invitation to feel and celebrate life.