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A historic settlement for a successful reopening


With the help of the eagle, the phoenix rises from the ashes!

After the devastating fire of July 2022, LUX* Belle Mare is well on the way to being restored to its former glory, following the successful resolution of an insurance claim with Eagle Insurance. 

You may recall that the fire wrecked more than 75% of the hotel's capacity, causing extensive material damage. 

Considering the amount of compensation claimed, in excess of one billion rupees, assessing the admissibility of such a claim required several months of due diligence. 

"I am delighted that Eagle has once again demonstrated its commitment to LUX* Belle Mare by settling this record-breaking claim in Mauritius. Through this agreement, we are honoured to have been able to bring this magnificent hotel back to life," said Sattar Jackaria, Chief Executive Officer of Eagle Insurance.

Solid partnership 

In fact, this was a very complex claim, not only because of its financial scale, but also because of the many stakeholders involved, which explains the length of the negotiations concerning the reimbursement procedure. In addition to Eagle Insurance, City Brokers Ltd played a key role in resolving this claim. 

"I would like to express my gratitude to Eagle Insurance and City Brokers Ltd, for their professionalism, support and commitment which was instrumental in the success and conclusion of this claim. We would also like to thank all our customers and partners for their unwavering support during this difficult period," said Désiré Elliah, CEO of Lux Island Resorts.

The Belle Mare hotel is due to reopen on the 1st of October 2023.