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Embark on an artisanal odyssey with Alix Le Juge's latest book


This exciting project has both an artistic and a cultural dimension, for a creative journey to discover the world of maritime craftsmanship...

With the book "Un Souffle de l'arbre", Alix Le Juge and Gervais Lamarque celebrate an age-old art form, while opening up new perspectives on our relationship with nature and the vital energy that surrounds us. A genuine salute to the beauty and poetry of traditional craftsmanship. Come and see for yourself...

Le souffle de l'arbre - alix le juge - Aparte

How it all started

Around five years ago, between September 2019 and October 2020, artist/plastician Alix Le Juge immersed herself in a unique setting at the Chantier Naval de Cité la Chaux, Mahébourg, working alongside Gervais Lamarque and his team. 

With her drawing book in hand, she captured each step in the construction of a wooden pirogue, creating a treasure trove of information about this ancestral art.

Alongside the insightful advice of the woodworking team, Alix Le Juge doesn't just document the construction of a pirogue; she weaves a deep connection with her subject. Her meticulous exploration of the boat's construction mechanisms and dynamic form has resulted in an exciting project: the book "Un Souffle de l'arbre".

"Growing up, the pirogue became for me an emblem of this country, which I didn't know and which I discovered at the age of 22. In other words, it's a fascinating symbol for me," says Alix.

The secrets of the pirogue revealed

With a foreword by Professor Ute Fendler of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, Un Souffle de l'arbre offers a fascinating insight into the maritime soul of Mauritius. With the collaboration of the visual artist Evan Sohun, this book is a vibrant tribute to the ancestral art of the pirogue.

The drawings presented go beyond the pirogue and its components.The world surrounding its manufacture is also explored: drawings of bodies of water, Men at work, the mountains, the bay...

While it will be officially launched on May 21 at 6:30pm at the Hennessy Park Hotel, the book will be available at the Imaaya Art Gallery, Phoenix, and other bookstores on the island.